Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 might not land until next year


Given that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 landed in August of 2020, you might have been expecting the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 to launch in August of this year, but the latest leak suggests that’s not to be. In fact, it looks like the Galaxy Tab S8 might not land this year at all.

According to a leaker going by the name of lanzuk, posting on Naver (a South Korean social media site), the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 will in fact land in early 2022.

They don’t say why that is, but given the ongoing chipset shortage – one which might have contributed to the Samsung Galaxy Note 21’s likely cancelation and a possible delay for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE – it’s not surprising to hear that the slate might not land this year.

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A trio of tablets

Beyond that, this source mentions that there will be a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra alongside the Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S8 Plus. We’ve heard mention of an Ultra model before, so that’s not new, but hearing it again does increase the likelihood that it’s true.

There’s nothing else in this leak, but we’ve previously heard a number of possible specs for the range. Those include screens of between 11 and 14.6 inches, up to 12GB of RAM, up to 512GB of storage, and a battery size of 12,000mAh for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, with the other models getting smaller ones.

We’d expect a high-end chipset too, especially in the pricier models, so these tablets could give the iPad Pro range some real competition, and might be worth waiting for – we just might be waiting a while.

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