How to watch Jellystone! online: stream the new HBO Max Original series


Hey hey hey! After thirty years of waiting, classic Hanna-Barbera characters like Yogi Bear are getting a new outing on HBO Max, where their madcap antics are due to tickle and delight viewers of all ages. Read on as we detail how to watch Jellystone! online now with a subscription to HBO Max.

How to watch Jellystone! online

Premiere date: Stream from Thursday, July 29

Cast: Jeff Bergman, Jim Conroy, Grace Helbig, Ron Funches, Dana Snyder, Thomas Lennon, Paul F. Tompkins.

Streaming Options: HBO Max (US)

It’s an exciting occasion for fans of Hanna-Barbera’s iconic output, particularly because it’s the first official series to feature Yogi and friends since 1991’s Yo Yogi! Even better, Jellystone! rounds up up characters from multiple corners of the Hanna-Barbera universe, including Snagglepuss, Augie Doggie, Jabberjaw, El Kabong, Winsome Witch, Top Cat, and more: throwing them into each other’s orbit with colorfully chaotic results.

Developed by C.H. Greenblatt, producer of Harvey Beaks and the Emmy-winning Chowder, the show provides a modern take on these beloved characters, where they live, work, and play side-by-side in the town of Jellystone. Huckleberry Hound is the town mayor, Jabberjaw seeks promotion while working at Magilla Gorilla’s boutique store, and Yogi, Cindy, and Boo Boo Bear cause a furore as surgeons employed at Jellystone hospital.

Of course, it’s all incredibly silly and uproarious fun, and a great way to introduce new generations to these legendary animations. Just keep reading and we’ll explain how to watch Jellystone! online via HBO Max now.

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How to watch Jellystone! on HBO Max in the US

This better than av-er-age animation arrives on HBO Max on Thursday, July 29, with each episode around 11 minutes long. It will join the ranks of other brilliant animated content from the likes of Studio Ghibli, Cartoon Network, and Crunchyroll, alongside plenty of Hanna-Barbera IP like The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo, and The Smurfs.

There are two subscription options for HBO Max. The more affordable $9.99 a month ‘With Ads’ plan and the ‘Ad-Free’ $14.99 option. You’ll get access to a huge library of top-drawer content with both: revered HBO shows like Game of Thrones, Flight of the Conchords, Euphoria and The Wire, a richly curated selection of titles from Turner Classic Movies, plus iconic films and TV series from Warner Brothers’ 100-year library.

Head to the HBO Max website to sign up now

Unless you opt for the ‘Ad-Free’ plan, however, you won’t get Warner Brothers 2021 movie releases, available on HBO Max day-and-date with their cinema release, for a month from their debut. By paying $14.99 a month, you can experience the excitement of opening night from home, with Space Jam: A New Legacy currently available to stream in 4K Ultra HD and with Dolby Atmos sound. But, if you’re not impressed by the service, you’re free to cancel whenever you like.

Sadly, the 7-day HBO Max free trial has long since been discontinued. But, if you’re a current HBO Now subscriber or pay for HBO through your cable provider, you might actually be entitled to HBO Max at no extra cost. Click here for more information.

Devices compatible with HBO Max include iPhone and Android devices, Apple and Samsung TVs, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, Chromecast and Chromebooks, and laptops and PCS. HBO Max on Roku and Amazon Fire Stick is also available.

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Jellystone! characters

(Image credit: HBO)

How to watch Jellystone! online for FREE in Canada

While no specific date has been confirmed, Jellystone! is due to be released in Canada “this fall” on cable channel Teletoon. That’s great news for animation aficionados.

Cord-cutters have the option of viewing Teletoon content via Amazon Prime Channels when they subscribe to Stack TV, which has live and on-demand access to 12 popular TV channels. You can enjoy a 30-day free trial before stumping up the monthly CA $12.99 fee.

However, you do also need a general Amazon Prime membership at CA $7.99 a month to sign-up for Amazon Channels. Luckily, this comes with a month-long free trial too. So, if you find a life of Prime isn’t for you, just cancel your subscription before the trial period ends to avoid paying a thing.

Can I watch Jellystone! online in the UK?

It doesn’t look like Brits will be able to watch this all-new iteration of Yogi Bear and friends anytime soon. We’d hazard a guess though that if it does arrive in the UK, it’ll be available to watch on Boomerang, the 24-hour British television channel that airs mainly Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. animations.

Can I watch Jellystone! online in Australia?

There’s also been no announcement whether Jellystone! will find a home Down Under. However, given that Looney Tunes Cartoons, that other HBO Max revival of a classic animation property, is currently part of VOD service Binge, it makes sense that Jellystone! might join it there in the not-too-distant future.

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