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Whether at the gym, on the train, in the office, or on the train, music is what gives you life. 

It keeps you pumped when you’re working out. It helps you focus when you’re hard at work. It drowns out the noise and bustle of your surroundings. 

But without the right pair of headphones, music can’t do any of that. 

Without noise cancellation, your only option is risking hearing damage by cranking up the volume. Without decent audio quality, you can’t truly immerse yourself in a song.  Without a decent battery,  you’ll quickly end up with no music at all. 

And if your headphones are uncomfortable, it’ll be impossible to focus on anything.

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Finding a headset or earbuds with all the above qualities has traditionally meant choosing between having to spend upwards of several hundred dollars on a ‘premium’ brand or sacrificing comfort, quality, or longevity. With SuperEQ, this need no longer be the case. 

SuperEQ S1 in field of orange flowers

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Its stylish, ergonomic headphones look, feel, and sound incredible — and they’re also built to last. Battery life on SuperEQ’s headphones ranges up to an incredible 45 hours with the SuperEQ S1 Hybrid. SuperEQ has also gone above and beyond to provide a superior listening experience, optimizing both hardware and firmware for high-fidelity, balanced audio. 

What’s more, with a new feature known as Transparency Mode, SuperEQ has taken active noise cancellation (ANC) to an entirely new level. It’s installed microphones in its earbuds and headsets to detect environmental sounds, allowing the headphones to emit signals that automatically cancel out the noise. And with ANC off, the mics can transmit background noise through the headphones. 

All this can be seamlessly configured via simple, intuitive touch controls. 

The best part, however, is the price. Super EQ’s products not only provide the same level of quality as their ‘high-end’ competition, they do so at a fraction of the cost. Below, you’ll find a few of their flagship products so you can see for yourself — bearing in mind that there’s much more to come. 

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Stylish design, peerless quality

SuperEQ S2 Bluetooth ANC On-Ear Headphones 

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Available in green, black, or blue, the S2 ANC Headphones are an excellent mid-range option within SuperEQ’s product portfolio.  In spite of being one of the lightest and most compact Bluetooth 5.0 headsets on the market, they also sport a Qualcomm QCC Bluetooth chipset, capable of supporting two simultaneous connections. A multi-function button on the side can also be used to activate your phone’s voice assistant. 

They support up to 25 hours of continuous listening, and ship with a 3.5mm audio cable, a carrying pouch, a USB cable, and an in-flight adapter. 

The SuperEQ S2 Bluetooth ANC On-Ear Headphones are currently on sale for $49.99. 

Unbeatable quality at an unbeatable price 

SuperEQ S1 Hybrid ANC Headphones 

SuperEQ S1 Hybrid Black

(Image credit: SuperEQ)

The first thing one will likely notice about the S1 Hybrid Headphones is how good they sound. This is thanks to their 40mm large aperture drivers, which provide both HI-FI sound and deep, powerful bass. They take the ANC of SuperEQ’s other headphones up to eleven as well.

Each earpiece contains both an external feed-forward and an active noise-cancelling feedback microphone. Together, these reduce ambient noise by up to 33 dB, a feat unmatched by any of SuperEQ’s competitors.  Note that this is in addition to their crystal-clear sound quality. 

They also offer three separate noise cancellation modes —  Bluetooth, Transparency, and ANC. Best of all, their battery is an absolute powerhouse, supporting up to 45 hours of continuous usage. 

The SuperEQ S1 Hybrid headphones are currently on sale for up to 45% off, retailing at $56.  

Quality no longer needs to break the bank 

SuperEQ S1 Promo Banner

(Image credit: SuperEQ)

For many, music is everything. And without the right pair of headphones, it isn’t just your listening experience that suffers — it’s your quality of life, too. That’s why it’s so important to make the right decision when you buy a new pair. 

And in this case, the right decision is SuperEQ. 

SuperEQ’s products are also available through Amazon USA and Amazon UK


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